Your tasks and chats, together forever ❤️

Chats and messages don’t always move work forward.. managing, organizing and tracking tasks do.

Teleo brings chats and tasks together in one place so your team can collaborate on projects easily and seamlessly.

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Feel Organized and in Control, Again 😌

Your team’s stuff is in ten different places: chats, emails, task managers, etc. Tasks get forgotten, you can’t find that crucial information, and repeat messages happen way too often.

Teleo brings together the tools your team uses for work into one place. Move effortlessly between planning, doing and talking and never worry about dropping the ball again.

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Use the right tool for the right job 🛠😎

Don’t get us wrong -- chats are super-useful for quick and fast communication...

...but tasks are better for long-term, organized discussions and information sharing.

Stop talking over one another in chatrooms or using threads that disappear in the ever-flowing messages in chats and start bringing them together in tasks with task comments.

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Multiple Planners and Chats at Once 🙌

Stop alt + tabbing to switch across windows or apps, nor copy pasting information and tasks across apps.

With Teleo, you can open up multiple planners and chatrooms and view them all at the same time. You don't need to do anything to ensure things integrate properly; it just works out of the box.

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Be on the Same Page, Instantly 🤝

Everything in Teleo updates in real-time. You can even see real-time presence on your teammates if they are viewing the same thing as you.

Now you can quickly get team members on the same planner or chat and figure work out fast.

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They gave Teleo a try...

...and loved it!


Andrew Daniel

Director @ Kickoff Group

It is simply not sustainable for our team to use one app for chat and another for tasks. Things get lost, people can’t find what they are looking for, and productivity drops Teleo allows us to have our productivity needs fulfilled in one platform.


Adam Noall

Conversion Copywriter @ LetaLab

I have a to-do list app, a chat app, a project management app… I’ve got apps coming out of my ears. Since using Teleo, my life has become simpler and waaay more productive. Loving it so far.


Branden Tolle

Designer @ Tolle Web Design

I've literally tried dozens of task/team management tools to find the best - and teleo is by far my favorite. The task management system alone is stellar. Seamlessly integrate that with instant team chat? Dreamy.

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