Easy to use and powerful applications to help you move work forward

Teleo has all the tools you need in one integrated platform to help your manage you and your team's tasks, schedules, knowledge and communication efficiently -- in one workspace.

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Manage your projects, ideas and tasks with planners.

From world-changing features for your next amazing product to to just plain old to-dos, Teleo's Planner got you covered. Organized and track your product development process with the Boards View or just throw down tasks in the Lists View.

Collaborate with your team on projects or ensure you don't miss a task with a personal private planner. Set due dates and assignees to tasks and know that everything is under control.

Collaborate real-time on product specifications, ideas and feedback with notes.

Every great team has a pool of knowledge to refer to. Every great product has a well-drafted product specification. Every great support team records their user feedback.

Teleo's Notes let you and your team easily collaborate on the same document quickly and effectively, ensuring that your current and future team stays in sync with up-to-date knowledge.

Activity and Insights
Activity and Insights

Chat that move work forward.

Great communication is the bread and butter of all great teams, and chat is the glue that binds teams together in this digital age. Teleo Chat lets you message 1-1 with teammates or hold discussions in Chat Rooms.

Teleo Chat is built to integrate with Teleo's other apps to help you and your team move forward on work by discussing tasks and notes rather than noise.

Start being assured about work, not overwhelmed.

It's time to stop the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on what's happening by constantly checking your collaborative apps. Teleo captures all activity that are relevant to you so you can track them in your free time.

In addition, Telly the Bot* also gives you an overview at the start of your day and a summary at the end of your day for you and your team. It's like a butler for your team, except more hardworking (Telly doesn't take any days off).

*Fear of Missing Out. Not a good feeling.

Activity and Insights
Collaborate Easily

Collaborate quickly, effectively and easily.

Because the tools you need are all in one place, you can easily refer and switch between them quickly and easily with #tags.

Create projects and documents, invite members, assign tasks and discuss work all in one hub. All searchable.

Ever felt unsure if your teammates are there when collaborating over an app? Feel unsure no more: online presence lets everyone know who is online and looking at the same tool.

Write documentation, hold discussions, plan projects, and more -- all in real-time -- and be on your way to do what you do best: get work done.

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