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Planners, so you never drop a ball again

Your projects are a complex collection of moving parts. It’s difficult to keep on top of the details. And it’s easy for costs, deadlines and your stress levels to spiral out of control. Teleo planners make sure you’re always in charge of your project.

  • ✓ Track tasks in your workflow with drag and drop Kanban boards
  • ✓ Create team (or private) planners to monitor project progress
  • ✓ Assign tasks, attach files, set due dates and make comments

Get Your Projects and Team Organized With Teleo

Chats, so you can quickly get aligned

Email sucks for quick chats. And chat based tools suck for getting work done. Teleo finds the sweet spot: the instant chat you need for fast communication, combined with the productivity tools built to actually manage projects.

  • ✓ Easily move from a useful chat to your to-do list without switching apps
  • ✓ Easily refer apps and tasks right within your chats
  • ✓ Use chat so you’re making less noise and more progress
  • ✓ Group chatrooms for team-wide collaboration or private 1-to-1 convos
  • ✓ Control your notifications so you don't get overwhelmed

Make Progress with Teleo


Multiple apps at once, so you stop wasting time switching

No switching between apps. No updating a project status on six different platforms. And no looking for the information that’s “gotta be here somewhere”. Within Teleo, you have every project management feature you need to help your team ship (and ship fast).

  • ✓ Quickly switch between your chats, your planner, and your to-do list.
  • ✓ Easily refer apps and tasks right within your chats
  • ✓ See when your teammates are online and what they’re working on.
  • ✓ Easily stay organized so you never lose or bury important information

Multi-Task like a Pro with Teleo

Be on the Same Page, Instantly 🤝

Everything in Teleo updates in real-time. You can even see real-time presence on your teammates if they are viewing the same thing as you.

Now you can quickly get team members on the same planner or chat and figure work out fast.

Get Your Team Aligned with Teleo


Feel organized and get your team and projects under control

Instead of confusion, find clarity.
Instead of chaos, enjoy calm.
Teleo gives you everything you need to manage your projects, make progress, and get the job done – all in one place.

14 day free trial. USD $5/user/month thereafter during this early preview. No credit card required to start.